We’ve come to realize over several years in business as a café and then a roaster, that coffee is a product which can always be improved. Just like you, striving to better what we do is our main inspiration for staying in business. As a small, community oriented company we have all the time and energy we need to focus on the important things: maintaining a high standard of quality and keeping you, as part of our coffee community, happy.

Our premium coffee beans come from farmers who use ecologically and socially sustainable practices. Farmers with standards that envelop the entire growing and harvesting process to produce better and better beans every year. These are the only farms that can produce the high quality coffees we use.

Maybe you’re a café that wants to serve a local quality product to their customers; a restaurant that wants the quality and attention that goes into their specialty dishes to be mirrored in the coffee you serve your patrons; or a retail store that wants to stock something on their shelves that will only continue to improve with each batch. If this sounds like you, fill out our wholesale form below and let’s talk about how we can work together.

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