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Oslo Coffee opened over 20 years ago, in 2003, when JD and Kathy Merget moved from their tiny Chinatown apartment to start a small coffee business in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At the time they simply wanted to serve neighborhood locals the best coffee the area had to offer. Since then Oslo has grown to be a place JD and Kathy could only have dreamed of, evolving to become a respected establishment with a name that is synonymous with the best coffee in New York City - their own coffee, roasted in their trusty small-batch Probat roaster as Oslo Coffee Roasters.

Expect to find exceptional coffee when you visit our shops. Whether you order an expertly prepared espresso drink or one of our cold-brewed single origin iced coffees, our aim is to prepare your coffee with the same amount of care and insight that went into roasting it, and that’s saying something.

Burlap coffee bag with a pile of roasted coffee beans on the right and unroasted coffee beans on the right

Our mission is to offer a positive experience for all involved: the best coffee for our customers; the best work environment, training and support for our staff; support for our fellow local businesses by utilizing their products; and participating in and donating to local causes.

Our premium coffee beans come from farmers who use ecologically and socially sustainable practices, helping to support a healthy ecosystem and to provide a fair living for their workers. These are the only farms that can produce the high quality coffee we use. The care that goes into growing, shipping and finally roasting these coffees is reflected in the flavor of the finished product.

Carved wooden sign with red lettering, saying velkommen
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