Oslo’s Winter 2014 Seasonal Coffees

It’s that time of the season again!

Each season of the year Oslo presents a diverse selection of coffees to choose from, apart from our regular blend selections that are available year round. We like to give people a change once in while, giving them the option to step outside of their usual coffee selection to taste something rare, limited and extra-special. Our single origin coffee ‘Seasonal Menu’ is our chance to experience exceptional, smaller crop coffees from a very specific area of the world. Our selections vary every season, giving customers that burst of surprise when we make the launch. Coffee drinking can become a dull routine if not enough variety is added. We want to keep our coffee drinkers as engaged and excited about our coffee offerings as we are, giving them something to look forward to.

We present to you all our Winter 2014 Seasonal Coffees, with a special twist!

In commemoration of our 10th anniversary (WOW!) we decided to create a blend that would be representative of Oslo throughout these years. The result is The Golden Tree Anniversary Blend, Mokha Java. We chose to create a blend of two quality origins because we wanted a cup that would be approachable and enjoyable across lots of different people’s palettes, yet still created with highest quality sustainable coffee. Try it while it lasts!  As with all of these rare coffees, they are limited offerings.

Single Origin Winter Offerings:

Bali ‘Blue Krishna’, Kintamani Bali, Indonesia:

  • Region: Kintamani Highlands, Indonesia, on the island of Bali
  • Certifications: Rainforest Alliance, Certified Organic and Certified Shade-Grown
  • Elevation: Between 4265-5577 ft.
  • Varietal: Bourbon Typica
  • Harvested: May-July
  • Process: Wet-hulled
  • Taste Notes:  Earthy, smooth body. Round mouthfeel. Balanced finish and low acidity. Chocolate/ Nutmeg/ Vanilla.

Ethiopia, Nura Korate, Sidamo:

  • Region: Dara district of the Sidama Zone
  • Certifications: Fair Trade Organic Certified
  • Elevation: 6168 ft.
  • Producing organizations: Nura Korate Co-op and Sidama Coffee Farmers Co-op Union
  • Varietal: Ethiopian heirloom
  • Harvested: November-December
  • Process: Washed-process and dried on raised patios.
  • Taste Profile: Sweet citrus, with floral tones. Light body and low acidity.  Cherry/ Orange/ Anise.

Kenya AA, Githembe, Gatundu:

  • Region: Gatundu District, Kiganjo Division, northeast of Nairobi.
  • Elevation: Between 5250-5900 ft.
  • Githembe Cooperative, Farmers Cooperative Societies
  • Varietal: Arabica- Ruiru
  • Harvested: May-July and October-December
  • Processed: Washed with fresh Githembe river water only, sun dried.
  • Taste Profile: Clean citrus and mellow sugar. Bold. Heavy body. Pleasant acidity. Honey/ Coconut/ Lemon/ Spice.

The Golden Tree 10th Anniversary Blend, Mokha Java:

  • Region: Ethiopian Harrar and Sumatra Mandheling
  • Both origins in this limited blend are of highest quality specialty grade for the two regions represented.  We chose to go this direction for an Anniversary blend for its example of Oslo’s aim to be approachable and enjoyable across many different palettes.
  • Taste Profile: Rich and smooth, with even balance. Medium body, sweet and low acidity. Apricot/ Chocolate/ Praline.